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About Us

Our Story

Atelier Hourglam is a family business created in 2020, to provide hair care products. As a Black-Owned beauty supply, we are happy to take a part in the industry of hair care products as an online retailer.

We are based in Canada, in the city of Montreal, and as a start-up company, our goal is to expand the range of brands we are carrying and grow as a company. Atelier Hourglam wants to help people of all genders and cultures to find products of quality that reach their needs.


Our mission is to help women, men, and children to enjoy their Hair Care Routine and create their Glam. Hair is versatile and the way people treat it and style it is unique to their own preferences. This is the reason why we want to provide you with tips and products, to help you through your Hair Care Routine and to help you achieve your Glam.

Our values are respect, transparency. As a start-up company, we want to support Black Owned Brands and Black-Owned distributors as well in the field of natural hair care products. This is why we want to learn and grow to expand our business and possibly have our own store. But especially to give our customers the best experience because we know that doing a hair care routine takes time. So we want to make this whole experience, from the shopping process to the Hair Care Routine worth it! 


What about the name?

Atelier Hourglam knows that choosing the right hair care products is essential. We believe that a Hair Care Routine is a part of your Glam. Because it is personal and unique to what products suit you the best. On that note, Glam O'Clock? Let's Get it!